Ajax on Rails, an ebook / video course

Learn how to create interactive UI with minimal amount of JavaScript.

Do you struggle with Ajax in Rails applications?

If yes, then this course is for you.

People tend to use overcomplicated solutions when it comes to implementing Ajax in Rails applications. I’ve seen that in many projects. But there is a simpler way.

It's called "Server-generated JavaScript Responses" (SJR) and it's built directly into Rails.

Nine lines of JavaScript

Learn how to create a to-do list application like this one with 9 lines of JavaScript!

To-do list application screenshot

Watch me starting with rails new and ending up with a complete to-do list application.

Every lesson starts with a written theory and is accompanied with a short video in which you can watch me building a particular feature of the app.

Course content
  • Server generated JavaScript responses in a nutshell
  • Creating a to-do list app from scratch
    • Starting new Rails app
    • Creating to-dos
    • Completing to-dos
    • Un-completing to-dos
    • Editing to-dos
    • Deleting to-dos
  • Bonus: Testing Ajax with system tests
  • Bonus: Working with modals
  • Bonus: Complete source code of the example application

Is SJR a real thing?

Totally! It's built directly into Rails, DHH wrote about it couple of years ago and they still use it in Basecamp.

What can I build with SJR?

A lot of things! Check out this post to see few real world examples.

Who are you?

I'm Patrik Bóna. I work at Memberful as a full stack developer.

As a matter of fact, I’m the only developer at Memberful. I maintain not only Ruby code, but a lot of JavaScript code and I know when it makes sense to use SJR and when to use something else.

Check out my blog and find me on Twitter or GitHub.

When do you plan to launch the course?

Early in 2019.